Clinton Township Dental Implants

Dental Implants
Dental Implants

People lose teeth for many reasons but there is a solution. Our Clinton Township dental implants are the optimal, permanent way to fix your smile and improve your self confidence with a full set of teeth.

So how does an implant work? The dentist will attach a titanium screw to your jaw, which acts like a natural tooth root. A high quality crown is then attached to the rod, giving you the look and feel of a natural tooth.

We also offer mini-implants. These are not as robust as normal dental implants, but they are more affordable and can be the better choice for some patients. They can also be used to secure a set of dentures permanently to the jaw, eliminating the worry of shifting or displacement and preventing jaw bone degradation.

If you need more information about Dental Implants in Clinton Township, contact us today.

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